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What are the real consequences of benefits fraud?

Getting caught committing benefits fraud means you just have to pay the money back, right? In reality, the consequences could be far more serious.


Your insurance provider could increase your premiums or your employer could reduce coverage. In addition to having to pay the money back, you could lose your benefits completely.


Stealing from your employer is a serious offence, and many employers have a zero-tolerance policy for benefits fraud. Being fired for benefits fraud could make it hard to get another job.


A fraud conviction results in a permanent criminal record. Even if you avoid jail, having a criminal record could make it very difficult for you to get a job or travel... potentially for the rest of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could health and dental benefits fraud lead to a criminal record?

Yes. If you are convicted of benefits fraud, you will have a criminal record.

What are the consequences of health and dental benefits fraud?

You could lose your benefits, or your job. You could get a criminal record, be fined or be sent to jail.

Who is affected by health and dental benefits fraud?

Benefits fraud affects us all. You might think that by committing benefits fraud you are stealing from your insurance provider, but in fact, you are stealing from your employer and your coworkers.

Could you lose your job due to health and dental benefits fraud?

Yes. Benefits fraud is stealing from your employer. It’s a serious crime that may cost you your job.

Could you go to jail for health and dental benefits fraud?

Yes. Fraud is a serious crime and depending on the severity of the case, you could go to jail for it.